Top cartoons that need a live action version

Top cartoons that need a live action version

We all know I love feeding the kid in me…so after having some vodka I decided to list all of the cartoons that should become live action movies.
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I will go ahead and get this out of the way and name the one cartoon I know everyone knows I am going to list.

That’s right, effin JEM and the holograms. Think about it! It has it all! Music, costumes, rivalry, and celebrity attention whore!
I could name a few people that already live the lifestyle! Seriously though, this needs to happen! Shana needs not have that weird purple afro though.

I know I am not the only one! Does this video look familiar?!?!?!

all we need to do for the short songs is loop the lyrics twice and you have a full length song!

Jem Theme


That’s right, mother effin She-Ra. He-Man had his chance

Skip to 7:26 to see He-Man himself. I am sure Cortney Arquette wishes she could skip that role all together.

I am tired of these movies focusing on the guys so much. Well, they could have done better with that atrocity of a Chun Li movie but whatever.

The Smurfs was added to see if they can explain only 2 femals in an entire village, and one of them was under age. Both were made by a crazy old man that thought the little men needed a woman.

Thunder Cats

I hear they are working on this right now…

ok….maybe not.

Galaxy High

No matter where you are, you are always needy in high school!


School house Rock
Since our generation can only remember still via song, lets embrace it!


That’s right, Mr T…and why not? We should be all for our aging celebrities! He is still alive, needs work, and his catch phrases alone should pull movie goers. I pity the fool that does not see the movie with our of the greatest actors of all time!


Chuck Norris!
Seriously, need I say more with these classic clips?

Seriously, since the studios is trying to make money off our memories, why not do it right?


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