Things are just different in the ‘hood.

Things are just different in the ‘hood.

October 24, 2015 Q 0




Philadelphia has been in the news as of late due to the dramatically high crime rate. The murder count at the close of 2007 was 392 (that is a little more than one person a day). The mayor decided it was a great idea to air the final episode of “The Wire” at the heart of the city…in City Hall. The residents are wondering how to turn the tide. I am wondering if it is simply too late.

The residents of Philadelphia simply do not go out to enjoy themselves anymore. Have they given up? Are they too afraid to walk outside? I actually believe that a mixture of two elements are going on here…the system has failed the people it is meant to serve, and the people have simply given up. Today was a hot and muggy day. The Susquehanna Street Feastival (an annual event) took place today. I drove to pick up my mother, sister, son, and my niece to transport them to another house deeper in North Philadelphia. You see, today was my niece’s prom. We drove to the house the limo was set to pick up our little princess and this is the site I pulled up on…


After getting over the shock of a car crash that was obviously there for a LONG time in the middle of the block partially obstructing the path of other cars…I immediately thought two things…

1- this would never have sat so long in South Philly

2- why are the residents just sitting around and taking it?

You know what I see in South Philly?



A far cry from the crashed car sitting over night and into the afternoon…..

I am starting to wonder why I ever loved Philadelphia to begin with. You treat the residents like animals and you get zoo like action…



clip of street


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