There are three sides to every story, we heard McCain’s version

There are three sides to every story, we heard McCain’s version

Taken from McCain’s personal account..

Some North Vietnamese swam out and pulled me to the side of the lake and immediately started stripping me, which is their standard procedure. Of course, this being in the center of town, a huge crowd of people gathered, and they were all hollering and screaming and cursing and spitting and kicking at me.

When they had most of my clothes off, I felt a twinge in my right knee. I sat up and looked at it, and my right foot was resting next to my left knee, just in a 90-degree position. I said, “My God–my leg!” That seemed to enrage them —I don’t know why. One of them slammed a rifle butt down on my shoulder, and smashed it pretty badly. Another stuck a bayonet in my foot. The mob was really getting up-tight.

McCain’ accounts have been publicized and used as the key reason why he is a great leader… he has even used it as the main reason why he should become president..but is that really the case?

We see how great a soldier he was, and how great of an American he is!

Now let’s hear what other fellow soldiers have to say…

Well, if McCain was a turncoat, surely there would be evidence of this. Some sort of transcript somewhere right? If other POW’s feel betrayed there would be some sort of write up about this!
Taken from John McCain Is No “Hero POW”
He was a survivor
By Ted Sampley
U.S. Veteran Dispatch
November 1999

John McCain seriously violated the Military Code of Conduct by trading “military information” and making numerous public statements that appeared favorable to the communist war effort in exchange for “special treatment.”

McCain actually fought to have accounts of what happened blocked…why would he want to do that?

But like I said there are three sides to every story… the one side that is documented for the masses, the one side told by the witnesses that does NOT make the history books, and the truth that only God knows.

Wait, I forgot…we are currently fighting God’s war, so maybe the documented account is actually the true account…that’s for you to figure out….

How a recent soldier feels about this war…

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