Too Many “Relationship Experts”

Too Many “Relationship Experts”

December 5, 2016 Q 0 Tags: , ,

Oh, the internet.

You can always find answers to the questions you are asking, but how do you know they are the right answers for you?

The short answer is this: you don’t unless things turn out the way you want them to.

The long answer is you should probably not seek advice from anyone proclaiming to be a relationship “expert”; you (just like the person you are confused over) are unique. We are tainted in the way we view things simply because we are the person involved in the scenario, thus blinding us from having an unbiased view. That alone prevents you from obtaining advice worth a damn.

Then you have the folks out here charging people to give them horrible advice. Sometimes those people end up with thousands of followers, then once they throw an even they are exposed due to a low turn out and bad day after ratings.

Yes, once in a blue moon I will post about love and relationship issues, but I am only as good as my education, experience, and upbringing. I am not perfect, and I surely do not hold a psychology degree to claim to be a relationship expert.

If I can link your situation to one I have been in, I will give you advice based on that and that alone.

I will also do so without charging an entrance fee to an event.

So, beware on who you take advice from.

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