Bristol, Levi, baby, and the n*gga

Bristol, Levi, baby, and the n*gga

Very rarely do I get upset or angry over politics. Well, count this as one of the rare times I get angry. A few weeks back I posted a video of a young black man stating he was Bristol Palin’s baby daddy. I posted the video along with my doubts. Since then the young man has posted two more videos. The second video admits to lying, this is the third one.

Bristol Palin baby’s father speaks pt.3

I will first start off by saying that I am voting for Obama…so when I say my rant, I am by no means throwing my hat in the ring for the McCain/Palin ticket.
I have three sections of people to address. I recommend that you do NOT read that part of the blog that does NOT address you. I apologize in advance if you are offended by my choice of words.

Internet Media Community
What’s going on my fellow bloggers/podcasters? I hope all is well and you have had a productive day and you have changed the world in one form or another. I just have one question for you guys…what happened to your morals? I go online and search you tube and other internet media sources and see that we sold our souls for page hits. I see people beating up people on camera, parents posting videos of their kids doing dances that would make me blush, and people using the internet to start/finish beef. Is that all we have to offer once given our own platform to share our ideas? Is this what we want to leave this earth having people remember us by? We are the first wave of this internet culture and once we have our own wiki entry, we will be known as the community with more power than we knew how to handle. If we do not learn to police ourselves, someone will do it for us. Please be a little more responsible with your information sharing. Thank you!

I may have lost half of you when I stated I was an Obama supporter…but those that stuck around and scrolled down to this section I must thank you. Now, this election is the first one I can honestly say is not about the issues…it’s about ideologies… the video posted by this young man has shown us that. This guy can post a video questioning the honesty and sexual history of a young lady he has never met and folks across the country eat it up like it is gospel. Michelle Obama was victim to this with the whole “Whitey” speech. I will admit that neither candidate has actually made a strong impact on any of the issue…my support for Obama is strongly based on McCain’s actions over the years and his inability to be…well…McCain. This McCain we are seeing is completely different than the McCain six years ago, and that McCain is different from the McCain ten years ago. We as a people need to press the candidates to make arguments for their campaigns and not against their opponents. If the tactics go back to the issues then situations like this one will happen far less.

Anyone that knows me knows I do NOT use that word…but it applies here.
A N*gga is someone without common sense or intelligence….so I say this using that as my definition…
N*gga, what the fuck is wrong with you? Black folks are already seen as liars, violent, and capitalizing…simply because the more outspoken black people are n*ggas! People are saying “Obama is a liar” and not providing proof or even something remotely close to a valid point when they say it and people actually decide to vote for McCain over such a simple statement BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU! You have made it SO bad for the average black person that OTHER BLACK PEOPLE don’t mess with black people anymore. The media’s portrayal of the black community is inaccurate BECAUSE OF YOU! I am so tired of defending myself, my name, my race, and my gender because of you. You are doing more harm than good so SIT THE FUCK DOWN AND SHUT THE FUCK UP! Also, stop blaming others for your poor decisions and immoral actions! This is no supply and demand for niggatry! You think you are helping when you are hurting the cause. Add this video post to the list of NO along with this…
and this..

Can we stop promoting the stereotype that black people only think with the lower half of our bodies please? Can we also stop scaring the rest of the country? I am sad to say this but it looks like a man that gave up secrets while a prisoner and a woman that is part of a group wanting to separate her state from our country & doesn’t believe in evolution will be in the White House because after all these years of fighting to have equal rights and exposure….all we do with it is put on a minstrel show.

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