My questions during the BET awards

My questions during the BET awards


1. Why is Al Green on stage so long?

2. I wonder if he still has scars from the hot grits…

3. Why did DL go there with Buck?

4. When did Rihanna become Pink?

5. I wonder if Lil Wayne will be too high to perform…

6. Why do I love John Legend so much?

7. Why am I so tired of Lollipop?

8. When did Lil Wayne become the perfect rapper?

9. Why did Puffy/Sean Diddy/Diddy whatever his name is just mess up Obama’s campaign? We all remember how that last “or die” slogan went…

10. Did Ashanti HAVE to tell the world she was sexing a rapper on his decline?

11. Does EVERY rap song need a dance for it?

12. Did A. Keyes come at Fergie with her comment that everyone wants to be like “us”.

13. Where DID Fergie come from?

14. Can I dub her “token”?

15. Jill Scott is still the bomb (oh thats not a question is it?)

16. Does Piddy need an intervention?

17. Why was Chris Brown air humping?

18. Wasn’t it great to see all the acts I grew up on?

19. Doesn’t that comment make me sound old?

20. Does Usher still look scared to dance how he used to before he got caught up?

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