Could Drake’s Mishap give Chris Brown a leg back in?

Could Drake’s Mishap give Chris Brown a leg back in?

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I am sure you have all seen the video shot in Camden, New Jersey…you know the one where Drake falls and hurts his leg.

Oh, you haven’t?
If you haven’t seen the video, here you go

Ok, as I was saying before, I know you have all seen the video showing Drake hurt his leg during a performance with Lil’ Wayne. The tour had to go on and Chris Breezy took this chance to make an appearance.

The general public is too through with Chris Brown after the Rihanna incident; but as any celebrity that has had a splash of infamy can tell you, it takes baby steps to get back into the good graces of the general public.

With the passing of beloved Michael Jackson, people are hitting the net to catch glimpses of MJ’s tributes. Chris Breezy has benefited from the love people had for the “King of Pop”. A few weeks ago, Chris Brown was taped doing the moonwalk in honor of MJ during Diddy’s white party.

He even decided to get in front of the camera and talk about the incident that has him trying to get attention…and the media is eating it up and dissecting it.

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So, whats with the sudden push to get back in front of the camera? Could it be the news of Usher’s divorce and new album? We can only guess…

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