“Fist Bump” are you friggin kidding me?

“Fist Bump” are you friggin kidding me?

April 23, 2017 Q 0

So, this is getting a massive amount of coverage. This is obviously due to the lack of news worthy stories. Reading up on the reactions giving by the people reading the stories now dedicated to breaking down what it means and where it began, this also seems to have another reason behind all the coverage.
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Yesterday I made a call into someone working for the Obama campaign. The person I spoke to seemed a tad distracted. I thought nothing of it and continued to my destination. When I arrived at the store I was heading to, my friends there were upset. Seeing the source of their disdain was the computer, I inquired as to what happened. The kind fellows there explained to me that there is a massive amount of media buzz behind the fist bump the Obamas shared the night he gained enough delegates to become the democratic nominee for president.
The reason escapes us as to why this is such a big deal. No, that jesture was not a secret code….so why is it news?
This is the equivalent to when Clinton went on Arsenio Hall and played …

…except the Obamas did something very natural to any average couple out there. I could see if the focus of the media stories out there was how great the bond is between those two, I would not have an issue with that. Instead the stories are asking “what does it mean?” and “what is the history behind it?” as if everyone else in the world is too stupid to make a jesture other than a high five.
If you want to focus on a gesture, focus on how this man made one…and followed through with it by screwing over America.

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