Police beating in Philadelphia

Police beating in Philadelphia

when do you ever see numerous news logos on one picture?
Once again Philadelphia is in the news for a violent incident. This one involves the police and once again the police commisioner is down playing the incident. If you look at the video you see a gang of cops swarm on 3 people in a van that was suspected to have left the scene of a shooting. The media is counting 56 blows in a matter of 28 seconds.
This is not the first time news cameras caught such an act on tape. Thomas Jones was beat in the same manner back in 2000 and made national headlines the same way this beating has.
Philadelphia is currently on high alert due to the shooting death of a cop a few days ago. Is it not ironic that the same stated that turned on Barrack over his call for stronger gun control is now complaining about that issue?

Click here to read the info on the current beating and see the video.


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