The age old argument is picking up speed now…


The record industry has been fighting the AM/FM folks for years over payment. The record industry is saying the the radio industry should pay them royalties for playing their artist’s songs. The radio executives say that they are promoting the music for the artists. Now, there is another allegation in the mix…

The recording industry is now accusing the National Association of Broadcasters of piracy. I take it that desperate times calls for desperate measures. With the weakening economy and the internet taking a chunk of the already weakening record sales (how about you put out and promote some stuff that is not garbage…but I don’t know what I am talking about), the record industry is trying to still continue to turn a profit. This argument has gone as far as the Supreme Court.


I believe that the record industry is still a little upset that the old “pay to play” technique did not go too well and was considered bribing the radio stations. Sadly, the record company may end up taking away one of the last forms of promotion giving to the artist. If they succeed there, MTV and its sister stations need to watch out…they may be next. Although the cable channels pay royalties already, an argument can be made that the artist image is more valuable than broadcasting the music alone and ask for an increase in royalties.

You simply have to love capitalism!


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