“The Game” CW show up for cancellation?

“The Game” CW show up for cancellation?


With so many shows with brown faces going off the air, it is a shame that this show may not be around too much longer. There is something you can do to show your support for the show…

CW is changing their format, the only way this show can stay on is by increasing the length of the show from 30 minutes to 1 hour and by having fans show their support.
View video below…In my opinion the show was too short. 30 minutes was never enough time for me.

Cherry Entertainment says

You can help Change “The Game”.

Right now the show is facing cancellation and the only way for it to come back for its fourth season is for it to switch formats from a half hour sitcom to an hour long dramedy.

The campaign starts now.

Please post in the Official Change “The Game” thread. We need a million posts and signatures in it by April 15, 2009. That is when Mara Brock Akil is going in to pitch the show as an hour long. Thanks for your support and please subscribe to the channel to stay up on the latest

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