This week in Video Games (3/10/10)

This week in Video Games (3/10/10)

I am receiving texts messages inquiring about my take on the new “MOVE” controller by Sony for the PS3 system. I will always be a Sony girl, however the controller is a little too late to pick up customers wanting the novelty of playing with a motion controller. The Wii game system was dramatically lower in price compared to both the Xbox and PS3…and if anyone wanting the ability to potentially launch a controller at their TV screen, they could have done so without paying a lot of money.
If I was indeed a betting woman, I would put my money on the new “Natal” system…you be the judge.
MOVE controller for Wii…errr PS3

Natal System by Microsoft

Here is the the demo on Jimmy Fallon

In other video game news, all video game systems carrying the upcoming Street Fighter IV reboot will have to come up with a way to make a male oil wrestler cool…or at least less questionable.
Street Fighter fans (and frenemies), say hello to Hakan…the male oil wrestler.

All in all, it appears the gaming industry hit a slippery slope this week…err..yea.
What’s your thoughts?

6 thoughts on “This week in Video Games (3/10/10)

  1. ehhh, still not sure about this venture…especially since they should have considered doing this awhile ago…press rumble controller rumble.

  2. Playstation's Move will beat 360's Natal. Why? Buttons. Buttons allow for details that simply can't be inputted via a camera just watching your whole body move. Unless you're playing a game where you just catch a big ball, you couldn't even reasonably mimic Wii's bowling on the Natal as there is no way for it to detect your “release” of the ball.

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