Recommended Android Aps

Recommended Android Aps

May 3, 2017 Q 0 Tags: , ,


For Christmas I upgraded from my HTC Mogel to the Samsung Moment. I have given myself the appropriate “adjustment” time for switching from one phone operating system (windows) to another (android). I must say I love the switch! I am blogging from my Moment right now using the WordPress ap. This is my test post so I figured I should also list other aps worth having.

1) My Backup Pro – backs up all your data from call history to applications. If you ever need to do a factory restore, this ap is a life saver.

2)Personal Assistant – a complete summary of every account you own in one place. This ap alerts you when major event occur (over limit, deposits, and new charges).

I will have a complete list in a few days.

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