Update on the cops beat down in Philly

Update on the cops beat down in Philly

Update- a total of 18 police officers and one transit poilce officer (which I am still trying to figure out where he came from and how he even got involved considering the odds were pretty lopsided without that glorified security guard getting involved) brought the wrath down on these three men.


The public outcry has lead to swift action…for now.
They have terminated 4 police officers, suspended 3 other officers and demoted 1 sergeant. The FOP is in the process of appealing the actions of the police department. Odds are there cops will have their jobs back once all this dies down.
The suspended officers are going to be without their jobs for a maximum of 15 days.
According to the police commissioner the only thing stopping quick termination is the procedures in place for cops on the force beyond any probational period.

The whole incident took place after the cops claim they saw one of the three men in the car shoot at a few other guys while doing a sting operation. The shooter allegedly jumped into the car and the car pulled off and the tape picks up where that story ends. No guns were found in the car or near the scene. The victims are saying that story is to cover up mistaken identity. Last week the trial was postponed after it was stated that one of the victims resembled one of the suspects in the shooting death of a Philadelphia police officer killed that week.
Can you imagine what would have happened if the media did not record this horrible crime?

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