A sit down with Tommie Turner

A sit down with Tommie Turner

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down and talking to one of my good friends, up and coming comedian Tommie Turner. We talked about his future plans and the comedy scene.

One of Philadelphia’s up and coming comics 

QrazyInfo- I was there when you had your first performance and it was very good for a first timer, what made you decide to pursue comedy when you did?

TT- When I heard I was having my 1st child I made it up in my mind that I would find a way to set him straight for life so he wouldn’t have to go through the things I hade to go through over not having money. I knew working a 9-5 wouldn’t do it the way I wanted it to be done and as long as I been able to talk people have been telling me I was funny. I looked at that as a sign/gift God gave me and I always go with my gut. So I heard about the def jam try outs and figured what the hell, why not? So, the story starts from there, to be honest now that I know the game a little better, to this day I still don’t know how I was able to get on at the last minute but like I said I always go with my gut and it paid off.

QrazyInfo- With the scene so saturated with comedians, what do you do to make yourself stand out?

TT- I like to tell stories about things that have happened to me and be honest with the crowd. I’ve noticed they seem to respond well to honesty. Also I like to call out comedians from time to time cause as we all know the streets talk and things like that seems to keep my name in peoples mouths.

QrazyInfo- Who are your idols in the comedy scene?

TT- I’ve meet some snakes in the game but also some stand up brothers to. Comedians like Turae, (The 1ST comedian to show me luv) Spank also a stand up dude. Denny live, Suga bear, Richie Redding, Derek Gains, Marlon Randolpf, the list could go on all day. But I can’t leave out my team BINO mf’n BROWN & DAVE mf’n TEMPLE.

QrazyInfo- Is there anyone that intimidates you out here?

TT- Quick answer….NO.

QrazyInfo- What inspires you to write material?

TT- My everyday life.

QrazyInfo- I know comedians have a core set of jokes, how often do you update your material?

TT- Well with the Beatdown every last Saturday of the month we have picked up a nice following so I can’t do the same jokes twice. So once a month I like to come up with at least a good 10 min’s on new jokes.

QrazyInfo- There is an interesting new thing going on in the comedy scene where comedians are upping the stakes by challenging eachother with on stage duels. I saw the first wave between you and Derrick Gaines. The crowd seems to have loved it and my personal opinion is that it is good for the comedy scene and forces people to come up with new material. Who would you like to see standing on the other side of you during one of those duels and why do you want to take them on?

TT- Well the reason I called out Derek Gaines was because I wanted to test my game and I have much respect for his set. However there are comedians in the game who don’t look at things like men they look at them like children and they feel their set is the best in the world… and those who don’t agree must have no sense of humor. I feel these comedians need to be put in their F*c#in places and be shown it not us or the crowd it’s just you stink at what you do. Comedians like sun 752, (he is) a very angry comedian who instead of saying “ok maybe I should write more or practice more” etc. he blames and lashes out at other comedians such as myself , because I make people laff and don’t have to try as hard as him. He believes since I am not like him, then I’m doing something wrong. So to answer your question I would love to go at it one on one on the stage just to show him what’s what.

QrazyInfo- What shows do you have lined up currently and how can people book you?

TT- I’ll be at the laff house Thursday hosted by Rich Salter & Spank. Also I have a show with comedian Kenny Ray, a date has no been given yet but trust and believe when I know you’ll know.

If you would like to find out more about Tommy, visit his page at http://www.myspace.com/tommieturner

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