Awesome customer service can go a LONG way.

Awesome customer service can go a LONG way.

June 4, 2017 Q 0

| Nintendo – Customer Service |

Every time I purchase a piece of electronics, I worry about the length of time it will survive constant use. When I purchase a piece of electronics for my special needs son, I worry how long the item can survive being his source of security. Needless to say when my son’s special edition Nintendo DS stopped working 2 months after Christmas, I was not a happy camper. I contacted “Game Stop” to inquiry about repair or possible trade in. They told me they do not take malfunctioning systems and that Nintendo will charge an arm and a leg to fix the system.

I took the system as a loss and put the special edition DS away until I figured out a plan. 3 months later I decided to call Nintendo customer service and inquire about repair. The gentleman I spoke to was one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of dealing with in a customer service matter. Nintendo emailed a shipping label to me and covered the price of shipping the DS in to them.
I shipped my DS last week on Thursday, and I just checked the status of the order. Not only have they received it, it is on its way back to my house right now.
I will keep you guys posted on if it is fixed or not….but if they did not contacted, or billed me, I can say it is probably fixed!
As much as I LOVE Sony, they cannot beat Nintendo on the customer service! 

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