Dating and the Single Mother

Dating and the Single Mother

Lets be honest, single mothers simply are looked at as second class citizens in the realm of dating. Assumptions are often made about the single mother’s lifestyle, ambition, and intentions.

While this may be a tad discouraging, the major hurdle you have to deal with in dating is men not wanting to deal with the guilt of not only leaving you, but leaving your child should things not work out.

That final issue may be a blessing in disguise.

The art of dating has been lost; dating was once thought to be a means to getting to know a potential mate. Dating has turned into a numbers game:

Long gone are the days where dating means you are getting to know someone for something long term.

If a man has an issue dating you because you have a child and you have the following:

  • A distinct separation from the parent of your child, whom you are no longer involved with
  • The ability to handle your situation financially
  • Your own mode of transportation, place to live and means to handle everything

Then you have just dodged a bullet. Never knock a person for identifying what they can and cannot handle, but if they only admit these issues after you invested in them…then you have a right to feel slighted.

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