Former Philadelphia Eagles Player Ryan Moats stopped on his way to the hospital.

NFL Player Stopped Football

Ryan Moats and his family was notified that his mother-in-law was passing away. The Moats family packed up his SUV and zoomed to the hospital where his mother-in-law was spending her final moments on this earth. With no time to spare Ryan stopped at red lights and signaled traffic, alerting the other drivers on the road that he could not wait for the light to change…then this happened.

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Part 2

Ryan did everything possible to prevent causing an accident, yet the cop that pulled him over felt no remorse as he kept Ryan away from his dying mother-in-law. The cop has since resigned from the force. The effects of this incident is still showing. Here is a disturbing youtube comment.


First of all that jigaboo is lying, it was his mother in law not his mother.

Second of all the spook broke the law and then started talking back. He’s lucky he wasn’t shot.
Listen cock-smoker, he ran the red lights and stop signs.

His fault entirely, and he was very uppity.

Idiots like you who don’t understand the difference between right and wrong are the reason the world is going to shit.

Others go on to talk about Ryan Moats being a football player, rich, and acting outside of normal behavior. Are we all so quick to look at a person’s color and status before looking at the facts?
I can honestly say that Ryan Moats (and his wife) handled this situation better than most people would have. Ryan thought about the safety of other drivers before running the light. Sadly, some people can not see beyond what they want to see.

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