I think I found our issue with health care!

I think I found our issue with health care!

June 4, 2017 Q 0 Tags:

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Two of the greatest issues talked about in our recent presidential election are health care and health insurance. Although I agree these are important issues, I think what ultimately needs addressing is the gate keepers .. I mean the folks sitting at the front desk. As much as I hate “big brother” type technology, I think in this case it may be needed. I will give you an example.

Today I had an appointment at Saint Christopher’s Hospital (I really did not want to subject my son to that place, myself to that drive, or my car to that neighborhood), My son usually goes to another hospital. Saint Chris doesn’t have the best rep out there. I arrive for my 8 am appointment at 6:30 to start my paperwork because I knew it would take awhile considering we had never been there before. I go to the admissions office and they ask for the script. My son’s primary care office faxed over the script 3 weeks ago so no problems right? WRONG!

“Ma’am, we don’t have anything here for your child”- front desk idiot

“Ok, well can you check the department he is actually havng the tests done? They provided me their fax number and I gave it to my son’s doctor”- Qrazy

“They do not open until 7 am so we can call up there then”- front desk idiot

So, I kindly sit down and start leaving messages on the voice mail at my son’s primary care office. 7 rolls around and I talk to the woman escorting people to other appointments in other parts of the building.

“Have you been helped?”- escorting front desk idiot

“No, no one wants to call upstairs to the back line, the phne number I have to the department is answered after 8:15 am.” -Qrazy

“Well, I am showing people to their appointments”- escorting front desk idiot

She then walks to the front desk counter and asks one of the idiots behind the counter

“Did you guys call upstairs?”- escorting front desk idiot

“No, ain’t no body gonna answer the phone right now” – front desk idiot

I turn my head to the clock on the wall, it now reads 7:20.

I step outside to keep myself from losing my religion so close to Easter….

I go to the security desk after attempting to call my son’s counselor, primary care center and the administration office of Saint Christopher’s.

I explain the situation to the security guard who asks “well, why don’t they just call the back line to upstairs?” I repond “pure laziness”. He then gets involved.

8:20 and I call upstairs and tell them why I have been there since 6:30 am and still managed to be late for the appointment. They said “why did’t the front desk just call us or send the person that’s showing people around to stop by?” I responded the same way I did with the guard. The folks upstairs faxed the script downstairs and made it to my 8 am appointment at 9 am.

Needless to say my next stop was the administration office. I told them I wanted them to file a formal complaint. They offered a call back from the supervisor. I declined. Unless they have the front desk people come mow my lawn or pay me THEIR combined hourly salary for the time I did their job, they had no reason to contact me…ever.

These are the same people non-chalantly handling your paperwork. 24% of Americans have reported paperwork mix ups resulting in injury or death. Are there requirements for he front desk position?

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