Kelis and Nas and Child Support

Kelis and Nas and Child Support


With the recent split of Nas and Kelis, I started to think about how cluttered our nation’s child support system has become.

I tried to stay away from the subject, but this is an issue that has to be addressed. Obama was threatened for telling Black fathers to step up to the plate.

Is issue really a slew of minority men believing they should not support the children they bring to this planet?

Click here to read my thoughts… Minority Men VS Child Support.

8 thoughts on “Kelis and Nas and Child Support

  1. Ill throw the first punch.(Low blow) Women ask for little from a male when they meet(I just wanna be friends). He does (maybe) a lil more than what's expected (calls the day after sex). The male has a little going for himself (job but no career) its enough for the woman to trust a little. (Unprotected sex) THEY have a little baby(awww) Now all of a sudden the male is supposed to do a lot (be present, responsible, accountable and considerate) Now isn't that just a little too much!!!I let you get a couple jabs in before I elaborate!

  2. umm, that is not the case in the majority of the situations I know of. No offense, I will not lock myself in to a dude for life based off the circumstances you just listed…try again.

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