Maia Campbell, she still hasn’t gotten help…

Maia Campbell, she still hasn’t gotten help…

Maia Campbell was the hot young actress a few years ago, now she is once again the laughing stock of the internet. A second video showing this actress in an unflattering light has surfaced. I saw the first video a couple of years ago, and this video is by far better than the first one.
Continue reading to watch the video.

YouTube – Where Are They Now Prostituting Maia Campbell Of The Show In The House Spazzing Out On Some Guy

Maia needs help. This issue was addressed by her mother awhile back in her book “72 Hour Hold”; a book detailing a mother’s struggle for her bi-polar child.
In 2006 Maia’s mother, Bebe Moore passed away due to complications from brain cancer…maybe that set her off?

To see the first video, continue reading…NSFW

I did say NSFW?

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