More Fall Out Over Jackson’s Language

More Fall Out Over Jackson’s Language

I truly do not understand…why would we as a race say it is ok to say the “N” word. We are the ONLY race trying to make it ok using degrading words.

How can we get upset when someone that is not of our race uses the N word, but say it is ok for us to use it and that we have made the word into something else. Whoopi also dated a white man that showed up at an event in black face so I am not too shocked.

Believe it or not I actually AGREE with Hasselbeck! (thanks Diva for the video above)
You don’t see a massive movement to make the name “Hitler” a positive name…You don’t see people trying to change the meaning of wetback, spic, camel jockey, chink or any of these into positive words. When did we decide to go BAC when it comes to race relations?

4 thoughts on “More Fall Out Over Jackson’s Language

  1.’s just a word. And there have been tons of people named Hitler since Hitler. Not all neo-nazis either. Its just a word with a negative connotation, but so is asshole, bitch, motherfucker and the like. How many times do we refer to our friends greeting them with such terms? We get away with it, because there is the underlying fact that it is not meant hurtfully, but as a means of showing how close we are that we can say it and its all good.

    Niggas please!

  2. The word Nigg*r has been used historically as a hurtful slur.. in attempts to soften the blow, we have used the word Nigga as a term of endearment.. It has much less impact now then it did say.. 50 yrs ago.. these are just words, watch the intentions and actions of others for the true meaning and effect on each of us individually and as a whole.. there are many folks who are wise enough not to use negative words in public, but make racist decisions and take racially motivated actions against us.. those are the folks we should be worrying about. let the “N” word die a swift death as a negative term.. the more we avoid it, the worse it becomes.. embracing it seems to have a dampening effect on its potency..

  3. But the moment someone we don’t know or like or someone NOT in our group says it, there is an issue. I need to see all the other groups with slurs allowing other people to use them before I will THINK about accepting it.

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