Obama Speech

Obama Speech


Watch Live: President Obama Talks to Nation’s Students | NBC Philadelphia

I am watching Obama’s speech on the student responsibility to education. I truly think this speech is needed and all the people against Obama remind today’s youth on the importance of taking school seriously truly just want to add to the mounting pressures facing the President.

Obama is the first person to make it to the White House that came from the true American family.
Times have changed and not everyone has the nuclear family. Single parent homes are on the rise and just because you come from a sinple parent home does not mean you have to be another crime statistic.
Obama touched upon how having circumstances that hinder you does not have to determine your level of success…
Having a son with an extreme language disorder and fighting for a suitable program for him truly makes you appreciate his effort  to uplift us all.
“The most successful people have had the most failures”; I love that line.
Sadly, we are still a long way from placing the child first in the system.
We also need a sytem that identifies teachers and principals that simply do not care and want to look good on paper…those are the people that make things harder for parents.

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  1. Please watch Pastor Gordon on CN8 in an interview with Arthur Fennell regarding Obama and his Pastor’s comments about American society. Airing times will be 10am and 10pm on Wednesday March 19th.Thanks,Joy

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