Philadelphia Flash Mobs

Philadelphia Flash Mobs

A true testament to a leader’s reign is gauged by his successes and failures. Nutter will not have a chance at being remembered as a strong Mayor due to the flash mobs, the snow response, the proposed budget cuts and the physical state of the city.
What actions he takes in the next two months will be vital to the prosperity of Philadelphia. The trend over the years has been for educated people to move out of the city, and move the other cities or the suburbs. With the looming threats of the flash mobs plaguing Philadelphia, Philly Flight will become the norm.
Philadelphia is known for its huge fights.
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Philly erupts after World Series victory. – Jim MacMillan
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Philadelphia is well known for its violent behavior during sporting events. The flash mob situation is more life threatening because you never know when one will break out. With every form of new media, there needs to have an entity in place to police and patrol the activity in order to insure the general public is not in harms way.
The Philadelphia Police Department has a twitter account (this is an unverified account), however starting the account was a step in the right direction. Unfortunately the last tweet from this account was July 8th 2009. I firmly believe if this account was active in patrolling tweets, flash mobs would not be as big of an issue as it is now. If you THINK you are being watched, you tend to have second thoughts committing crimes.
The lack of technology advancement on the local level places the city at risk. With summer coming and tensions rising, Philadelphia just may see the perfect storm in the matter of weeks…

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