Pictures and more from the Moshulu (aka MOAR pics)

Pictures and more from the Moshulu (aka MOAR pics)

list Just a friendly reminder to sign up for the Mojito party, and pictures of the craziness last week. From Tommy-

“The weather is hot and girls are dressing less and checking out the fellas to tell ’em who’s best” – Fresh Prince Come back out and experience what Summertime is all about: Mojito on the Moshulu. This Saturday is the birthday celebration of DJ Brendan Bring’em and it’s gonna be a rager. Plus DJ Dirty from the 4AM Party is back on the other deck. It does not get better than this. Get your pass for $5 entry before 11 and Open Bar 10-11 by signing-up right here (you’ll be redirected to your pass after rsvp’ing): See you on the Moshulu this Saturday, boat shoes (for the guys) & short shorts (for the ladies, please) welcome.

Now, for the pics…well you just have to keep reading won’t you?

Last week one of our favorite people made an appearance, Cosmo Baker was on the one’s and twos!

Oh, and yes that was a wedding dress…

see you tonight! Don’t forget to sign up to get on the list and print your passes!

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