Please Help Nia and Mike’s Families.

Please Help Nia and Mike’s Families.

A few days ago a newly engaged couple had a night out with friends and family, celebrating their decision to make their six year relationship permanent. The celebration ended and they said good-bye to everyone and called it a night.  While heading home they became victims of a car jacking that ended up taking more than just material possessions. After six years of dating, and four months of engagement; Michael Muchioki and Nia Haqq now share a web page in their memory after thieves stole their some of their belongings (including Nia’s engagement ring), and their lives.

The death of the young couple has left a hole in the hearts of the people closest to them, and a financial burden on their families; who went from paying off a wedding to trying to figure out out to bury the couple who never had the chance to form the union they are trying to pay off.

Please be sure to visit their site. Essence also covered the slaying of the couple here.

My condolences…

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