Street Fighter IV!!!

Capcom released it’s newest fighting game this week. If you did not know you probably figured out something big was going on when you drove by your local game store and saw one lonely nerd sitting outside on Tuesday waiting for the store to open….not that I was there or anything. Well, this post is dedicated to the new game which is leading up to the new Chun Li movie.

The night before the Street Fighter IV launch, the forums went down. Net surfers flooded the site trying to come up with the best way to purchase the game and the wonderful joy stick.

While scrolling through the posts on the forum for the best joystick mods, I ran across the best stick EVER!!!

best stick ever.jpgbest stick ever.jpg

Boondocks fans would be proud!

Anyway, I recently had a discussion about the timing of the release of  “Street Fighter IV” coming out right before “Street Fighter- Legend of Chun Li” movie. We have two theories..

1- They released the game right before the movie to get people hyped about the movie.

there is nothing better than fan frenzy when it comes to box office sale. Look at “Lord of the Rings” and “Twilight”. They have wonderful box office numbers opening weekend. Since there hasn’t been an official “Street Fighter” game in awhile, this would be the perfect chance to come out with one AND promote the movie.

2- They released the game before the movie to make sure the game sells.

there is nothing worse than a bad experience with a franchise in order to turn the masses against the entire franchise….in other words we believe the movie just may such a little royally…

regardless, we will be in line opening night…here is the American trailer.

Here are some of the endings for the game…

Here are the rival cut scenes..

Oh, I am LOVING you can play your own music while playing the game!!

5 thoughts on “Street Fighter IV!!!”

  1. That controller, the official Street Fighter one, which I'm a proud owner of, is currently going for $350-400 on ebay!!!!

    That's crazy! I reserved mine months ago and got it for a clean $150. Nice. Two points for me.

  2. Amazing stuff here, thanks for sharing, I totally appreciate it, keep interesting stuff like this coming, i am your fan now, will be around frequently!


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