Take a ride with me through South Philadelphia….

Take a ride with me through South Philadelphia….

We have all seen the show “Parking Wars” based on the Philadelphia Parking Authority. There is a huge section of the city that they conveniently neglect…I am going to take you on a trip through South Philadelphia.

Today, we took a ride through South Philadelphia and thanks to the the infamous “South Philly Slide” I started to wonder what rules are followed in that section of the city. On “Parking Wars” we watch the PPA disrupt the lives of the residents of Philadelphia…

but they conveniently leave out the residents in deep South Philadelphia. You may not think that is a big deal, but when you look at the blatant disregard for parking you can see that the Philadelphia financial crisis can be solved by holding the people that park like this…

accountable for parking that way. No, that is not a still shot of a moving car next to an empty spot. This parking issue becomes especially problematic closer to the corner shown in this shot

I guess you could also point out the “mob” is stationed in that part of the city, or that the people in that area organize against things they feel is unfair. I ask you this, if you get a ticket in North Philadelphia while parked on a street because your street has been dug up for 3 months and the city obviously does not care about you gaining access to your house, or even the police/ambulance easily accessing a block full of elderly people….shouldn’t you get a ticket for parking in the middle of the street and for blocking other cars that are legally parked?!?!?!

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