OH MY, your media server is all grown up!

OH MY, your media server is all grown up!

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A few months ago I provided a few options to enhance your PS3 experience and in a few short months the game certainly has changed. Xbox 360 has become a contender now that “PlayOn” can stream to the box famously known for its “Red Ring of Death” (sorry you guys, I already told you I am a Sony girl). Don’t fret if you own a Wii, you too can enjoy the greatness that is “PlayOn”.
This post is a follow up to those options, it seems the only two I stuck with were “PlayOn” and “Orb aka WinAmp Remote“.
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“PlayOn” won me over by allowing me to watch anything on Hulu, CBS (ok I only care about “Young and the Restless”, I know its a horrible show, blame my grandma for watching it when I was 5! besides, Victor Newman is hilarious on “Twitter”) on my big screen TV via streaming through to my PS3. The programmers stepped it up a notch and allowed others to create “Unofficial Plugins” for this program. The full list of plugins are located on www.PlayOnPlugins.com (sigh, yes they have adult plugins as well, pervs). Now, you can watch Nickelodeon cartoons without having to deal with those evil evil people over at Direct TV…I digress.

All you have to do is … well watch this video.

There is even a plugin to watch live television (for those of us STILL not digitally converted).
You can also stream movies from the computer you have “PlayOn” installed…unless it was coded was some funky coding not in “PlayOn” programming cycle. If that happens to be the case, Orb is your answer to that.

(Yes, it works for the crappy Iphone as well).
You can also control your Ipod and your Windows Media Device using this program. It is not a memory hog (like Itunes), and easy to set up to stream to your devices (unlike Windows Media Player).
I hope I gave your gaming system new life, or a reason to buy a new one for Christmas!

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