What a week…Freeman and Bernie

When I decided to take a break, the world went bananas!

So I guess with every blessing must come a curse. The new Batman movie has broken a number of records, and has had just as many pitfalls along with it.
Heath Ledger dies of an accidental overdose, Christian Bale beats down his mother and sister during the premiere in London…and now Morgan Freeman gets into this nasty car wreck while with a female companion. The media knew that woman wasn’t his wife…
Now it comes out that the Freemans are going through a divorce.

Next up to bat is the condition of Bernie Mac. It was widely speculated that he had indeed died (even fellow comedians here in Philadelphia thought he had passed on). The most recent reports I have come across show he is on the road to recovery, and should be released shortly.

2 thoughts on “What a week…Freeman and Bernie”

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    It’s been a qrazy week for me as well. Everywhere I look I get news of accidents. My wife had an accident. My neighbor won a case after hiring a Los Angeles accident lawyers firm. I suppose money can’t wash the ugly memories away but can bring some newer and happier ones.

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