September 26, 2017 Q 0

this was a sad sad day

We have all been on the giving or the receiving end of this. Recently I had a friend of mine go on Dr. Phil to talk about his relationship issues with his girlfriend/ex fiance. The short version of the story goes he has 3 myspaces:-

and a personal page that I will not post on here.

His girlfriend had issues with him having 3 pages and not saying he was in a relationship. Now, although he is an entertainer and I know the rule about being in a relationship and hiding it from the public, she did have a valid point on that show. He hid information from his girlfriend. He was very secretive about someone he used myspace to contact. I love Keith to death. We go back a few years now and I had to tell him that if I didn’t love him I would have hated him after that show.  Here are a few signs that your other half has a wandering eye (or other parts).

1- You haven’t met the family. They tell you how important you are to them and they love you, yet you haven’t met the family (be it mom & pop or the kids). Most people in a relationship full heartedly has no problem doing this. If the L word was dropped and months go by and you haven’t met the peopl that share their blood line, there is a huge red flag. If you aren’t sharing dinner with them, best believe someone else is.

2- You haven’t hung out with his friends. You hear stories on how great so and so is but yet you don’t get to hang out with them. That means that person is on the prowl with their homies. There is nothing more uncomfortable than having your friends attached to someone you are not serious about. How many times a day do you want to hear how great your jump off is and how you should treat them better, or how stupid you are for hooking up with that crazy or stupid person.

3- They don’t trust you. Random blow ups because someone of the opposite sex spoke to you is not sexy, fun, or what’s hot in the streets. If this is happeneing to you, it may be because the true guilty party is projecting their crimes on you….so they don’t feel so bad while they are out with another person.

4- They say things that just don’t make sense. You ask your other half where are they going as they walk out the door in a rush. They turn around and say “to the library”. You then respond after looking at the clock “the library is not open at 12 am”. I that person responds with a nervous giggle, stutter, or say “I am not going to argue with you” then you know something is foul.

5- What they say to other people does not reflect what is going on between you two. If you try and get your other half to go out and they always find a reason to stay in at the last minute, and then turn around and blame you for not going out…someone is playing pass the buck. If you two are around eachother a lot and you hear through the grape vine your other half is saying “we don’t talk like that” then there is some wanna be pimp stuff going on.

6- They never want to go out. Scratch that, they never want to go out with YOU. If I have to spell that out for you, then you have a few more years of heartache to have before you see how things should be. A simple blog will not learn you in the ways of dating.

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