Dating and the Single Mom

Dating and the Single Mom

September 26, 2017 Q 0 Tags:

I hate dating. 

As much as the ideal family seems to be what I crave; dating seems like an evil I simply do not want to deal with.

Why do I hate dating?

  1. Time I am always working. Any time I spend outside of my boys and work seems like a waste. If I take the time out to schedule talking to you; I am doing so in hopes of some sort of progress taking place. 
  2. Bad conversations I get it, learning things about a person takes time. Yes, when you hold an interest in a person there is always a level of anticipation lingering in the background. For the love of all that is holy PLEASE don’t make me repeat myself. If you ask me what I like to do and I literally give you a list of things I have done and enjoyed; then tell you there is nothing I will not try to do once and I don’t have a food preference…don’t ask me every time after that conversation. I am not planning what we do…I plan three whole lives on the daily and don’t need to add another life to that.
  3. People don’t listen Technically this could be part of the previous point..however if I made the previous point any longer it would be considered a rant. 
  4. I am easily annoyed I actually know this is a flaw; but honestly time is money. Please don’t call me and talk to other people you are physically with while on the phone with me IF THEY ARE NOT YOUR CHILDREN.
  5. Men stopped planning If you ask what I like to do, ask me my schedule and then plan things…I am game. If you If you ask what I like to do, ask me my schedule and then plan things that go against my schedule or simply do not plan I become annoyed (see previous reason).
  6. People suck I am going to be honest. If I take the time out to spend  time with you, I am trying to build something with you. If I am attracted to you, can see myself dealing with you perfections and imperfections (because lets face it the only thing more annoying that a fault is a perfection) are not to be played on my end. Unfortunately all I have experienced are men playing games. Some just having a placeholder to pass the time, some juggling women in various ways but still wanting to look like the “good guy”, and others who simply are lost and want to create chaos in women lives.

When you run my stats (my age, race, blah blah blah) the chances of dating being worth the hassle are extremely low. Unless something changes dramatically I will place my focus on ventures that yield results.

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