I hit you because I love you…

I hit you because I love you…

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People are weighing in on the Rihanna and Chris Breezy “Interviewpalooza”. Some people feel bad for him, others simply do not trust her. Here is a list of things that someone in love will not do.

  • Sucker or Donkey Punch You- Those of you that believe people haul off and punch someone they love because “they don’t know how to contain their emotions”, need to call your mother and curse her out for not being loving enough. If you are older than the average fifth grader, you should NOT hit to bruise the person your mate…that is unless you are partaking in S and M practices. If that is the case, you should always have a safety word since blood does not necessarily mean your partner is hurt in a bad way.
  • Stab You– For those of you making excuses for your mate when people see your scars that you carefully try to hide by rocking a long sleeve shirt with your shorts, or refusing to ever wear a wife beater again; you are a complete idiot. There is NO excuse for that person doing things to your body that would prevent you from making comfortable clothing choices. There is no person fine enough or rich enough to give you a permanent scar.
  • Publicly Assault You– Not saying there are different levels of physical abuse and that some are “better” than others…however when someone puts their hands on you in public, they simply do not respect you at all.

We are so jaded, we can honestly attempt to sympathize for the person committing crimes against a person’s well being. The attacker caries around the burden of being called out, the victim carries around the urge to flinch when someone gets too close (and I don’t just mean physically).
Stereotypes do not provide evidence…

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