I was completely unaware UCLA hated actors!

I was completely unaware UCLA hated actors!

…or should I say James Franco? I thought the point of college was to broaden your horizons and to prepare for what you plan to do when you enter the “real world”. Sadly, James Franco was penalized over doing well in his acting career while he attended college. A large portion of UCLA’s student body protested Jame Franco being the commencement speaker. Continue reading to see what their facebook page said…and his response to being booted as the speaker of his graduating class.! This is what the Facebook protest page states..

An Editorial from the Daily Bruin (not written by me) The fight against James Franco as this year’s commencement speaker has gained national attention. The UCLA Class of 2009 is livid, and rightfully so, that former classmate will be its keynote speaker. UC Merced has Michelle Obama, and we have the guy that sat in the back of our English class in between shooting his award-nominated movies. James Franco is a good-looking and admirable actor (with the exception of his performance in “Tristan and Isolde,” but “Milk” was pretty good). However, as a very recent Bruin and a current student, can Franco really enlighten newly exiting Bruins about the real world? A commencement speaker does not have to be a Nobel Prize winner or a rocket scientist, but a guest speaker should have the life experiences that come with age. Franco’s experiences, as cool and unique as they are, are not particularly applicable to graduating Bruins. Sure, he can discuss the transition into graduate school, but we can ask our friends about that. Also there aren’t many Bruins pursuing acting and therefore not many who would find his advice on acting very helpful. And the glamorous life of an actor may only create envy rather than inspiration. Franco is an extremely talented individual, and we are proud to have him in the Bruin family. But we don’t feel he is as esteemed as a commencement speaker of UCLA’s caliber should be. The anger about this decision has warranted a Facebook group with hundreds of students, who agree that Franco is not the best choice. This is the second year that the commencement speaker at UCLA has disappointed Bruins. Last year, former President Bill Clinton was supposed to speak; however, the union strike of UC workers and its potential to harm his reputation affected his participation. His last-minute rejection meant that the student body was left dejected and the administration struggling for a substitute, who ended up being our USAC president, Gabe Rose, a graduating senior. He did a good enough job, considering the circumstances. However, a student acting as a keynote speaker for a graduation is an oxymoron. We’re all in the same boat. Franco would be a wonderful speaker once he has more perspective than a recent graduate. But it’ll take more than a few weeks for him to gain the wisdom that graduating Bruins deserve. Thus, we question the administration’s choice of Franco.

James Franco came back with this as the reason why he did not speak…

Outcome- he is now on my favorite celebrity list!

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