Oh Ryan Lochte..

Oh Ryan Lochte..

September 26, 2017 Q 0 Tags: , ,

Ryan Lochte seems to have brought home more than an Olympic medal during his most recent return from the 2016 Summer Olympics.

For those of you living under a rock this former reality tv star/ former K. Michelle boyfriend/former Olympic swimmer (let’s face it, the USA cannot trust this guy to represent us)/5 minute spouse of Billy Bush (per his wiki page) went out and had some fun.

Now, there is nothing wrong with having fun…unless your fun includes getting drunk, destroying property, and then lying..stating the money he had to turn over at gun point to pay for the damages done by he and his gang of this was actually stolen by fake cops who pulled his cab over and robbed them as he stood up bravely face to face to the robbers telling them to use the gun while the rest of his people were face down on the ground.

The most interesting part is the reaction to all of this. This athlete is now being dismissed by some members of the media as a boy who simply “made a mistake”. I know if I destroyed property and filed a false police report I would be called every name under the sun.

But let Billy Bush tell it, this was all just one big misunderstanding and no lies were told. If you want a good laugh, look for the cafe.com edit of the Al Roker conversation with Billy Bush.

Which leads me to point out how I came across this entry on Billy Bush wiki page (I swear I didn’t photoshop this or make this entry on his page).

I was having a discussion online with someone who had no idea Billy was part of the Bush clan. I did the Google thing and pulled his wiki (see above) after sharing the screenshot I noticed the spouse change. If you go on his page now it has been fixed.

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