Philly may be broke, but its her own fault

Philly may be broke, but its her own fault


List of stupid things the city has attempted to do to get/save money is on the following page. I know times are hard, but why would you make choices that will end up making matters worse?

1- trying to close libraries- the Philadelphia School District is a joke, Wireless Philadelphia did not go as planned and someone thought it was a good idea to take away one of the only resources some seniors and teenagers have to stay up to date with web based technology and information.

2- charging for curb side trash pick up although that action did not make the final bill, I do feel the need to point out that Philadelphia is not the cleanest city around. If people have to pay in order to get their trash removed, we just may see more illegal dumping.

3- telling shelters to get cheap security guards

Yesterday, sources told City Paper that the Office of Supportive Housing, which oversees the city’s homeless programs, told at least some of the contractors who manage city-funded homeless shelters that the city would no longer be directly paying for their security guards. Instead, the city will provide contractors with a budget for security, and has directed them contractors to seek new, less expensive contracts.

Everyone knows you get what you pay for. In a city where violent crime is on the rise, is it wise to hire inexperienced guards?

4- charging people to take pictures in the park

5- not going after bail jumpers that owe 1 billion dollars,2933,489774,00.html

PHILADELPHIA —  Court officials in Philadelphia say people who are released on bail but don’t show up for their trials owe the city more than $1 billion.

I could probably go on…

like talk about how…

the parking authority won’t go after folks in south philly

the Philadelphia Eagles owe Philadelphia 8 Million Dollars, while the owner has been listed as one of the richest men in America.

Twisting a Philadelphia sports slogan, about 30 protesters stood at the gate of Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie’s Wynnewood mansion yesterday and shouted, “Pay, Eagles, pay!”

If the city kept up with the bail jumpers, violent crime could have gone down.
If the city kept its finances in order, Philadelphia’s financial system would not be as flawed as it’s symbolic bell, and much needed services would not be on the chopping block.

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