Since reality TV has taken over (concepts, 1st take)

Since reality TV has taken over (concepts, 1st take)

I have decided I should try my hand at pitching ideas! If musicians and washed up stars can get money doing this, the brains behind these shows should get paid too…and if they are I intend on getting paid as well!

The Boxing Cat

“Boxing Teso”
This kitten was left on the streets to die. He had to make his way in the streets until a caring man picked him up. Teso is having a hard tie adjusting to his cushy life. He spends his nights out hanging with a society similar to Fight Club. His owner has no idea…until one morning he sees his cat practicing. Innocently, his owner video tapes it and puts it on the air…which is against Teso’s secret society rules. They kidnap the owner and now Teso must fight to rescue him.

Giant Singing Robot

“My Secret Life as a Robot”
The government’s intentions were to build a killing machine, the designer wanted the robot to have a heart. When they could not come to an agreement the designer was terminated. As a big middle finger to the government, the designer gave the robot trembling hands syndrome and a beautiful singing voice. The robot wants a life on the road as a singer, but cannot let the public know he can sing.

I will go back to brain storming and share more as they come to mind, stay tuned!

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