Why did black folks know this was a false report?

Ashley Todd has admitted to lying about being robbed, beaten, and mutilated. I found out about this story via twitter update.
qoolquest stated

im late on shit but i can smell fraud on this Obama attacker shit. not to be insensitive but yall know good and well the B mark on the face is some shit THEY would cook up. lol so culturally ignorant they dont even know our mugging steeze….lol
oh…lol duh just woke up and just got my answer. i knew that shit instantly

Lets point out the issues (outside the inconsistency in her details) that let us know this was NOT a true story.

I am going to point out a few dead give aways as to why the black community knew this was a false story.

The latest from the AP:

A McCain campaign volunteer made up a story of being robbed, pinned to the ground and having the letter “B” scratched on her face in what she had said was a politically inspired attack, police said Friday.

STOP…first of all, we have NEVER been passionate enough about our politics to do something so heinous to someone. Think about it, black people have been called the N word for years…you don’t see us attacking people and putting N on their faces.

Ashley Todd, 20-year-old college student from College Station, Texas, admitted Friday that the story was false, said Maurita Bryant, the assistant chief of the police department’s investigations division. Todd was charged with making a false report to police, and Bryant said police doubted her story from the start.

Texas, good Ole Texas. We all know how much Texas LOVES it’s black people (notice the sarcasm?)

Dressed in an orange hooded sweat shirt, Todd left police headquarters in handcuffs late Friday and did not respond to questions from reporters. The mark on her face was faded and her left eye was slightly blackened when she arrived in district court.

A black man is not stupid enough to assault a white woman. History shows us that white men really take to heart their white women. Not too many years ago, if a black man was accused of LOOKING at one too long, he was hung. Well, you can’t count O.J, simply because he isn’t human…let alone black.

Todd was awaiting arraignment Friday on the misdemeanor false-report charge, which is punishable by up to two years in prison. She will be housed in a mental health unit at the county jail for her safety and because of “her not insignificant mental health issues,” prosecutor Mark Tranquilli said.

Wait a second, since this was just as racially motivated as well as politically motivated, shouldn’t this also be considered a race crime? Just had to throw that out there. Yes, she should do more time in my opinion…just in case you are wondering.
Oh, she is not crazy, just racist.

Todd initially told investigators she was attempting to use a bank branch ATM on Wednesday night when a 6-foot-4 black man approached her from behind, put a knife blade to her throat and demanded money. She told police she handed the assailant $60 and walked away. Todd, who is white, told investigators she suspected the man then noticed a John McCain sticker on her car. She said the man punched her in the back of the head, knocked her to the ground and scratched a backward letter “B” into her face with a dull knife.

What black man walks around with a dull knife? I mean seriously, I would have believed the story better if she said a gun made out of chocolate.

Police said Todd claimed the man told her that he was going to “teach her a lesson” for supporting the Republican presidential candidate, and that she was going to become a supporter of Democratic candidate Barack Obama.

Umm yea, because that is how an irate black man passionate about his politics speaks.

Todd told police she didn’t seek medical attention, but instead went to a friend’s apartment nearby and called police about 45 minutes later.

Why is it that any white woman that gets attacked by a black man feels its ok to go hang out with her crew BEFORE getting medical attention. Another example is the Kobe “attack”.

Todd could provide no explanation for why she invented the story, police said. The woman told investigators she believes she cut the “B” onto her own cheek, but did not provide an explanation of how or why and said she doesn’t remember doing so, police said.

Umm, what else could you have been doing during that 45 mins of hanging with your crew?

Police said the woman reported suffering from “mental problems” in the past, and that they do not believe anyone put her up to the act.

Tranquilli said Todd will remain jailed over the weekend pending a psychiatric evaluation, which won’t happen until Monday at the earliest.

The Associated Press could not immediately locate Todd’s family.

Todd’s family will take a bit to step forward, no one wants to admit to raising a racist child. They have to find a PC way to explain her actions.

Bryant said somebody charged with making a false report would typically be cited and sent a summons. But because police have concerns about Todd’s mental health, they are consulting with the Allegheny County District Attorney.

Racism is not an illness, it is learned.

Todd worked in New York for the College Republican National Committee before moving two weeks ago to Pennsylvania, where her duties included recruiting college students, the committee’s executive director, Ethan Eilon, has said.

“We are as upset as anyone to learn of her deceit, Ashley must take full responsibility for her actions,” College Republican National Committee spokeswoman Ashley Barbera said in a statement.

They are only upset because then ran with it. Palin spoke to the girl’s family. Now, not only do they not have an example of how black people are violent, they not will be the but of a Halloween costume joke.

Police reported Todd’s claims Thursday, as a photo of her injuries made it onto numerous blogs and news sites. By Friday, police said they had found inconsistencies in Todd’s story. They gave her a lie-detector test, but wouldn’t release the polygraph results.

Because she probably failed and they still went ahead with the report.

Police interviewed Todd after she contacted police Wednesday night and again on Thursday, Bryant said. They asked her to come back Friday, ostensibly to help police put together a sketch of the man. Instead, detectives began interviewing her.

“They just started talking to her and she just opened up and said she wanted to tell the truth,” Bryant said.

Police suspected all along that Todd might not be telling the truth, starting with the fact that the “B” was backward, Bryant said.

Well, black people are stupid right? They are also dyslexic I guess?

“We have robbers here in Pittsburgh, but they don’t generally mutilate someone’s face like that,” Bryant said. “They just take the money and run.”

Robbers have political views as well, and if they are black (as we all know robbers are) they will vote for Obama and want you to as well, by any meaning necessary.
Andrea Yates was from Texas too FYI.
Gotta love the media.

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