Screw Dating, I’m Traveling More

Screw Dating, I’m Traveling More

October 12, 2017 Q 0

Dating sucks.

It’s the equivalent of putting a train on a track to and unknown destination, telling the passengers the train will derail a few times and probably hit a car…but they should be happy to be on the ride.

But, we are humans and crave touch right?

Well…look no more!

The TSA seems to have the need for initiate touch requirement filled for you!
So, instead of having to deal with the pain of going out with someone you probably wouldn’t hang out with if it wasn’t a date or dealing with the fake facade your suitor puts up to get to touch your most intimate of parts…You can take a trip and get felt up by someone who is paid to do it!

As an added bonus, you will have to engage in very little conversation!

See, I just fixed your life!

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