Sometimes while in a crisis, you just gotta laugh.

Sometimes while in a crisis, you just gotta laugh.

Is that a police car I see and not a water department van?
Is that a police car I see and not a water department van?

With the current state of Philadelphia, sometimes as a resident you just have to laugh when you hear news stories…Philadelphia is a in a crisis…lets laugh about while we still have electricity!

So the picture above is in reference to a water main break that happened last night in a section of the city that was already financially strapped. I blogged about how the parking authority will take its time to go after the residents of the section of the city, yet the city will not make sure the pipes are secure enough to survive the winter.
The water department is set to work on this issue today. How much you want to bet the city will find a way to make the residents of that section of the city pay for the water lost?
Score 1 for Philadelphia!

Take a good look at this guy. He was the genius that escaped Police headquarters (I will say that part again,escaped Police Head Quarters) via the air ducts. Now, what immediately came to mind was “Prison Break” when I first read about the story…minus the actual plan. This story online makes more sense than the version in the Daily News…which stated that the man walked out of the police headquarters. According to the Daily News was left in an interview room until about 5pm, when police discovered that he managed to dig a hole through the dry wall ceiling and then crawl through the air ducts.
In case you are wondering how our police headquarters looks, here ya go…

this is the front door he strolled out of…

and they wonder why people will not snitch….

Last but not least …Philadelphia has decided to close a number of public libraries (which needed over haul anyway). The citizens are up in arms.

The current mayor is following the trend of cutting back “unnecessary” programs. We are expecting more cuts according to him.

Mayor Nutter: City’s Finances Getting Worse

by KYW’s Jim Melwert

“Mayor Michael Nutter held a town hall meeting in the Mayfair neighborhood on Monday night, where he discussed the city’s worsening financial situation.

Mayor Nutter says in the weeks since he announced major cuts across the city, the financial picture is getting even worse. He says the real estate transfer tax is falling short of even lowered estimates. Pension funds lost almost 12-percent in October. He warns the five year, forecasted one-billion-dollar hole could be even deeper:

“We haven’t even heard yet. It’s my understanding, I guess, on Tuesday that Governor Rendell is supposed to brief legislative leaders in Harrisburg. We don’t even know what cuts the state might have to make, which unfortunately often have an impact locally.”

Nutter says the city sent out a round of pink slips last Friday and says while he understands the anger and frustration over the closing of libraries, but says it’s time for everyone to work together to try to come up with solutions.”

Taken from here.

I ran across a very interesting response on a social message board..

I have to say I am very disappointed in Mayor Nutter after 1 year. Here are my chief concerns:

1. Spent half a year partying instead of working/self-promotion

2. Driving Miss Chelsey

3. Inability to see coming financial crisis

4. Lack of creative solutions

5. Overall tone of administration is anti-poor people

Number 1 – for months all Micheal Nutter did was have parties at City Hall for the Wire, Sex and the City, etc. He was on every TV show and at every game. He put his face everywhere. He sold everyone on himself as the new generation of Black mayor along with Corey Booker in Newark. Unlike Booker, he spent almost no time actually doing any work. Despite a campaign promise to revise MBEC in January, it took over 8 months to address the issue. We are still waiting on the replacement for Penns Landing Corporation.

Number 2 – no one has a problem with Nutter supporting Clinton over Obama. But running around town acting as Chelsey Clinton’s caddy was demeaning. His personal attacks at Obama and Obama’s church will be remembered for a long time in the Black community.

Number 3 – his Finance Director completely blew it on the budget. This guy Dubow had actually put together a budget that included INCREASES in revenue from real estate taxes! What planet was he on this year? Now the deficit keeps growing with no end in sight.

Number 4 – when faced with said crisis, what is his response? All he can think of doing is cutting programs. There are no creative solutions to our crisis. Most of the cuts he announced are painful but don’t offer significant budgetary relief. We have a government sized for a city of 2 million but we are down to 1.4 million. How about cutting 1/4th of all government including reducing the size of City Council by cutting out half the at-large positions and at least half of their support staff. Council has an army of staff workers when with today’s technology you should need less than ever. How about approaching some businesses in town to sponsor the libraries and pools? Maybe if he hadn’t of spent a year playing we would have some creative solutions by now.

Number 5 – why do poor people bear the brunt of NUtter’s cuts? Why keep funding for the Arts (people who can afford to pay for it anyway) yet cut libraries and pools in less affluent neighborhoods? Why do we need an office of sustainability? Should sustainability be integral in everything we do? WHERE IS THE PLAN TO FIX OUR SCHOOLS? This guy put up some lofty goals for college education and graduation WITH NO PLAN TO ACHIEVE THEM! NO CITY LEFT BEHIND PLEASE!

When are we going to get the Mayor full of new ideas?

2011 can’t get here fast enough!


I agree whole, but the tread started before he came into office.
According to avid “Wire” watchers, he is doing exactly what they did on the show.

The city is on a bus straight to hell. The incompetence of the police , the corruption, and the sharp increase of crime shows that. Expect the trends to show more of an increase in crime related incidents in the city. First they cut funding from the arts, then they cut funding from after school programs.
Rendell started this trend when he was Mayor.

No one cared then, now the city is on a sharp decline.

Philadelphia, I hope you get well soon.

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