We Can’t Be Friends

We Can’t Be Friends

October 12, 2017 Q 0

It appears another day of celebration has been created..but if you need this day to do right, you aren’t to be celebrated.

This day is to try and bring friends back together by having one friend pay back the other..but if you need this day to step up you probably shouldn’t call yourself a friend to begin with.

If it’s at the point where the friendship has strained; the person who was borrowed from has made every reasonable attempt to be reimbursed. It started off as no pressure so you took advantage..the next stage is trying to set a date for the payment which you either ignored or did not honor. That is when you are entering the “ain’t ish” zone.

Personally, at that point the friend that allowed you to borrow money shouldn’t care what YOU as the person taking advantage of them thinks or feels. You didn’t give them the courtesy of doing so for them..

They often say don’t allow anyone to borrow what you can’t give away..this is so true. What is also true is the money you have away actually paid for a life without a user in it.

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