#CYCN – Ep. 2: I like you but the sex is… HORRIBLE

#CYCN – Ep. 2: I like you but the sex is… HORRIBLE

#CheckYesCheckNo Ep 2

Why cheat? Okay Okay, we know that it is wrong to do and we get it. Now lets hear some of the rationale behind why some of you have cheated in the past. Is there ever a scenario where it is okay to step up on your significant other?

Getting involved in other persons relationship can be a very dicey position. Your friend is blindly in love and their lover can do no wrong in their eyes but you see them cheating, what do you do?

Awesome person but the sex is horrible, now what? Everything about them is absolutely great. They have a great career, make good money, credit is awesome, personality is just fine … BUT THE SEX IS THE WORST.

You call it LOVE but is it LUST?

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