Q Is Just Angry

Q Is Just Angry

December 13, 2017 Q 0

For years I have been demanding more from men. 

For years I’ve also been accused of simply being angry and hating men. That simply is not the case. I’m against predatory, harmful and toxic behavior.  

I have been anti “pick me” because that simply feeds the belly of the beast. I’ve been anti current dating culture because it gives predatory behavior and harmful actions a pass while blaming the victims. I have spoken about the entertainment industry as a whole and how it taints everything attached to it due to a lack of oversight. 

Now that the standard of respect actually includes the people who are victims everyone seems confused. 

Let’s be clear, the behavior of these men who used their power to aggressively pursue men and women even if they knew they weren’t interested or shouldn’t engage with them in that manner was acceptable until very recently. Anything the predator needed to do to get their prey was alright on all levels. 

Is simply now coming to light. 

If you want someone in a manner they are not willing to engage with you in.. back off. 

Sadly,  this concept is still foreign… let’s see how long it will continue to be so. 

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