Why Is No So Hard To Understand? 

Why Is No So Hard To Understand? 

December 14, 2017 Q 0

I’m often asked for advice, one of the questions asked pretty often is about pursuing someone in the work place. 

This is how it goes..

Friend “Hey, should I try to sleep with someone at work?” 

Me “No”.

Friend “But I think she is cute and thinks she likes me. I asked her out months ago and she said no. I think she said no because she was new”

Me “No, now you are making an uncomfortable work environment if she said no already”

Friend ” I’m going to try later”

Facebook months later..

Friend post “my new coworker said yes to a date”

Weeks after that post on Facebook:
Friend posts “my job pulled me into a meeting to ask about the girl i took out. I’m now being transferred. ”

Week’s after that

Friend posts “my job let me go today…”

One day men will learn to not crap where they eat… as a matter of fact they should not crap anywhere.

Men often treat women as prey. They will say or do whatever it takes to get a woman to do what they want. It’s never good to place anyone in a situation they have made very clear they do not want to be in. It’s never a good thing to use power, fear, deceit or harassment to get the end game of sex.