Happy Mother’s Day – 2018

Happy Mother’s Day – 2018

May 11, 2018 Q 0 Tags: , ,

We have been on break while the originator of this site (and writer of this article) completed her (err my) Master’s Degree.



Those of you who followed my story of advocating for children from the viewpoint of me advocating for my oldest son on Qrazy.Info; know this degree because increasingly important to the progress in my son’s educational journey.

So, this Mother’s Day is especially memorable because the young man in  this picture is turning 18 this year. He is still in high school and has two more years before he graduates. He has seen me complete undergrad and grad school as a single mother and has learned that in spite of the obstacles his disability creates in his journey, he should never give up.

So, happy Mother’s Day to the moms holding down the fort and building future fighters.