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part 2 of how the internet ruined my life

now that we have talked about surface problems with the internet, lets talk about the social ramifications of the net (how many of you knew that’s what the matrix was actually about?) Now that you can date, go to school, and get your news online, will we forget how to deal face to face?

how the internets ruined my life

Did you loose your job because of your personal email?
Have you been caught cheating due to myspace?
Are those “private” pics of you plastered all over a website?
Did someone put you on don’t date him girl dot com?
Have you NOT gotten a job after emailing from your personal email address?
Have you been stalked and harassed by a member of the same sex due to the actions of a member of the opposite sex to the point where you have a police file on that person? (ok maybe I am projecting here)