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I have been a few places, seen a lot of things. I have had my hands in many fields. I may have answers for you if you have questions…even if you don’t.

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Say hello to a Contender

I had the pleasure of attending a match this past Saturday night with Aaron Torres being featured in an exhibition fight. The fight was set at 3 rounds, 1 min each. Aaron took on this guy

Mike “no joke” Stewart

Picture of Michael (Mike) Stewart (Newcastle, DE, United States)

Mike hails from Delaware and put on a poor performance, even for an exhibition. Stewart was out of shape and unprepared. Good thing they did a “no decision” match, otherwise the Philadelphia crew would have been stranded, due to our…I mean their cars being torn apart.

Keep fighting the good fight!

Aaron Torres stats courtesy of

Global ID 41722
suspensions report
sex male
birth date 1978-10-26
age 29
manager/agent register
division light middleweight
rating 224 / 1036
nationality United States
residence Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
stance orthodox
height 5′ 7″
US ID PA058233
won 16 (KO 6) + lost 6 (KO 2) + drawn 0 = 22
biography Wiki Biography

My Goodbye to CurlBox

I recently made the decision to let Curlbox go. 

No, this isn’t a scathing review, I actually loved the service.

I simply became overwhelmed with the amount of products I have from them…

I will return once I have caught up to using the products I already have through that service. I am not a heavy handed natural nor do I have the time to dedicate to hours of “installing” styles. I have two demanding jobs (mom and…well that part is a secret), as well as ventures outside of those two listed which need my attention (including this site).

I will encourage others to subscribe when people ask about the service though, the positive messages that come along with the service is equally as valuable as the products distributed. If you pass up the chance to subscribe you are neglecting not only your hair, but your soul.


August 02, 2014 at 04:45AM

via IFTTT1) why did you “go natural”?
2) why don’t you #straighten your hair all the time?
3) is that ALL your #hair?
4) where did you buy your hair?
5) what do you mean your hair grows like that?
6) how come you won’t get a #relaxer?
7) how long have you been #natural?
8) seriously, where did you buy your hair? (After telling them in various ways your hair grows like that, it’s YOUR hair, you didn’t buy it and even show them your roots)
9) are you a “free spirit”?
10) are you natural to make a statement?
#longhairdontcare #qrazy #teamnatural #dayonenatural #naturalista #curlsunderstood #Curlbox #naturallycurly