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Pampers Tote Versus Huggies Tote
Aww yes, my second time around of having a baby. If you have only had one child, you have no idea why this is such a big deal, but if you have two of them you know what I am about to say..
This second time around I was going to be prepared and have absolutely NO reason to leave out of the house as I recover. During my “prep” period I made sure I had enough..well..everything to last us awhile.
Buying diapers was the first thing on my list. I had no idea what size to get or what brand. I did know our child would have very sensitive skin…be really fair skinned…and have a lot of hair. I was right on all accounts.
But the size was the question. Although both the father and I are both relatively small people, I knew the baby would turn out big…how big was the question.
So, during my buying frenzy (I set aside a certain amount of my income to buy things I did not put on my registry). I came across these totes. The Pampers tote had a bunch of goodies including a free Shutterfly book, along with a pack of Newborn sized and 1 sized diapers.
Huggies tote came with the same items minus the Shutterfly book however the diapers inside were sized 3 (one regular pack and one overnight pack).
The baby came out a healthy 8.5 pounds, so newborn was not a good size for him and he only stayed in 1’s for a few weeks. I loved the quality of the diapers. The Pampers diapers did not feel cheap and only leaked when it was time for him to go up a size. The baby recently graduated up to size three and I had the chance to try Huggies. I did not like the feel of the diapers, the leaked, and left an odor. I never made it through the pack, the Huggies diapers were given away to Goodwill.
So, Pampers vs Huggies…Pampers win hands down.
In a few weeks I will try out Luvs..

Money Saving Deals On Diapers Going On Now

Not too long ago Babies R Us had a deal on diapers, if you purchased two boxes you received a gift card. It looks like Target took a cue from them and partnered with Pampers.Take advantage of the money saving deal below! Happy shopping!


The Pamper Swaddlers you love, are now available in size 4 and 5 at Target.
So when it comes to wrapping your little one with quilted, blanket-like softness, there are more sizes to choose from.
Plus, we have a fantastic offer for our
Swaddlers fans:

Visit Target this week and when you buy
2 Pampers Economy Packs, you’ll receive
a $20 Target gift card.



Visalus in the News, and MY Take






After I had my youngest son via c-section, I had issues dropping the weight due to pain and massive weight gain due to carry big and having a large child. I used Visalus to drop down to the weight I wanted to be in less than the 90 days they encourage you to set as your goal. I took awhile to even try the product due to the following concerns:

  1. taste
  2. price
  3. results

The following news clip addressed all of my concerns.


If you would like to join the program, feel free to click this link to join me! I will address all of your concerns. I will also provide my personal tips to help you on your journey!


My Two Month Update- Part 1

Well, its two months into welcoming my new bundle of joy home. Although this is not my first time being a mom, I must admit this feels foreign! Things changed in the little over a decade since I became a mother of a bouncing 9 pound boy. I really don’t have much time, so I will make this post short and sweet. I am going to tell everyone the current life savers I am using to stay sane!

This item makes bath time so much easier! I am also blessed to have a very calm child…this tub is great for newborns because it can hold the baby up for you, leaving your hands free! Here is a video review…not mine (because I simply do not have the time to do video at this point).

Next up we have..

I will admit I broke the rules and the baby shares the bed with us…BUT when I am not sleep I put the bundle of joy in this co-sleeper. You can adjust the height with attachments and it is the perfect size to place the tub in. (I know, I know…but the baby is still under 10 pounds and with my c section area still feeling uncomfortable I need something that is high enough for me to properly wash the baby without hurting myself).
This next item is a life saver:

We actually have two of these, during the final trimester of my pregnancy I simply could not sleep laying down. This rocker assisted in me getting more rest before the baby and after the baby helped with feedings.
That is all the time I have to post right now, more to come later…duty calls.