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Mumia may have some justice in his corner. For those of you who haven’t heard of this case please click here

The case basically goes like this, Mumia is accused of shooting and killing a rookie police officer. The gun Mumia had in his cab for protection was found on him. The bullet in Daniel Faulkner did not match the gun Mumia carried. Later the bullet vanished. Philadelphia was going through racial heartaches in the early 80’s when he was convicted by an all white jury.

Looks like this case may get a REAL second look.

I was one of the high school students that marched for his case to get a second look, looks like it worked.

Please pay close attention to the way this case goes.

Please, Stop Missing the Big Picture Here!

In light of recent events I have scoured the various news feeds I am subscribed to in order to see the reaction to the Colorado incident. I refuse to call it the “Dark Knight Massacre” because the incident had nothing to do with the movie itself.

Everyone wants to know “why” this happened, instead of “how” this happened.

Personally, I could care less “why” he did it.

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