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Harold & Kumar can’t seem to have a normal week.

Back in jail again

In the latest and probably the last installment of the Harold and Kumar story (“Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay” ), Kumar s back at it again. The story picks back up right where the last one ended. Although the last one was released in 2004 they do a pretty good job of keeping the story consistant (minus the Corinne Bailey Rae poster since her album was released in 2006, but that of course is just me being a jerk). The movie is a lot more graphic than the last one. If you can imagine the movies you enjoyed during high school, then you pretty much have a great idea on the tone of the movie.
Our two loveable minority main characters start off the movie getting ready to stalk Harold’s (played once again by John Cho) love interest in the first movie, who has taken a trip to Amsterdam. Everything is going as planned until they run into Kumar’s (played by Kal Penn, also reprising his role from the previous film) former girlfriend and he current fiance. Kumar (seemingly the last to know about their upcoming nuptials) states in Kumar like fashion “I can’t believe she is getting married! We have only been broken up for 2 years”. From there the adventure is all down hill. They are accused of attempting to hijack the plan they board heading to Amsterdam, their basic human rights are violated by a security official trying to make a name for himself (played by Rob Corddry) and they are sent to Guantanamo Bay where they narrowly escape some very degrading torture by the hands of the guards at the prison. Our loveable duo head back to the US, eventually getting captured via betrayal and in the end they both get what they wanted…all the legal weed they can smoke.
The basic formula is the same in this movie as the last but the humor is VERY graphic this time around. Yes, Doogie aka NPH is in this one too and once again steals the show. If you thought his first time in this series was mind blowing, you will be blown away with this performance. Instead of asking “what would Jesus do” you will be asking “what would Neil Patrick harris do” and then do the COMPLETE opposite. Oh, President Bush makes an appearance as well.
There is a very obvious political undertone (which is very well timed considering the state our country is in), and the movie illustrates how the war we are currently in began on a smaller scale. There is EVERY racial and ethnic stereo-type in this movie (yes my brothers and sisters there is a grape soda reference as well). We walk away learning that Kumar is not as big of a jerk as we thought he was, Neil Patrick Harris is simply the man, Harold can stand up for himself, and NEVER trust the government…just have faith in your country. I would recommend this for any stoner and anyone losing faith in the system.

What were they thinking? (movie related)

Every year, when the temperature starts to hit averages above freezing the move studios bless us with a surge of new releases. We have had two major hits with “Watchmen” and “Last House on the Left” one major atrocity with the “Street Fighter- Legend of Chun Li” movie. After the Chun Li movie I figured the worse was over…obviously not the case.
Enter the Dragon Ball movie..
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Review – “Street Fighter- Legend of Chun Li”

I had the pleasure of viewing the much anticipated Street Fighter live action movie. For those of you that have followed the marketing push for this movie (the Adon comics, the movie released along with the new Street Fighter IV game and the basic history of the franchise) I will go ahead and say it for you…this movie made absolutely no sense.

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